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Join #WeDC House @ SXSW

March 9-11

The #WeDC House returns for the 2019 South by Southwest Conference to promote Washington, DC as the Capital of Inclusive Innovation. Over three days, discover what all the hype is about with DC-centric programming, activations, and events that create new business connections from the private and public sectors including technology, innovation and creative economies.

#WeDC stands for “We the People of Washington, DC.” We are a city of innovators, entrepreneurs, investors and government leaders that knows what it takes to make the District the Capital of Inclusive Innovation.

Our diverse and resilient economy is driven by our dynamic tech and creative communities in the world’s most powerful global city.

#WeDC House

The #WeDC House is the official activation of the #WeDC campaign, to share more about the people and ideas that make our city great. We are focused on hosting experiences that showcase collaboration and innovation in the nation’s capital at events and conferences throughout the country.

#WeDC Events @SXSW

Located blocks away from the Austin Convention Center, the #WeDC House provides a go-to destination for the DC-based community with a variety of activations, programming and social events. We are taking over Bangers Sausage House and Beer Garden and bringing the District to SXSW.

The District is committed to showcasing all the opportunities the city has to offer in tech, creativity, art and culture, in front of the world. We are the number one city for inclusive innovation and we’re ready to prove it with you.

Stay tuned for updates!