Spend One Day in Washington, DC - #WeDC House
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Spend One Day in Washington, DC

Every day in Washington, DC, we are innovating, creating, developing, and building throughout our neighborhoods, in our start up community, and with businesses big and small.

Washington, DC is not only the Nation’s Capital – it is home to big ideas and innovative culture.

Each  day in Washington, DC, nearly 659,000 DC residents wake up. The daytime population swells to over 1 million as workers commute in from the suburbs, thousands of students attend universities, hundreds of families visit DC hospitals and regional, national and worldwide visitors and tourists fill our sidewalks.

During each day in Washington, DC, we develop spaces, celebrate neighborhoods, build waterfronts.

From big to small, we transform the ordinary into compelling — during this one day. In DC, our tools are our hands, our eyes, our voices, our people, our city.

Our DC.

Where we inspire, envision, develop, educate. Where we change the world. Where #WeDC. Tomorrow, it will be one new day in DC. It will bring with it new opportunities, new spaces, new ideas.

What will you do tomorrow in DC? Be Bold. Innovative. Creative. Inspiring.

Join us in DC, online, or through your social channels with the #WeDC hashtag.