WeDC Ambassadors - #WeDC House
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WeDC Ambassadors

Say hello to the 26 Official #WeDC Ambassadors. All stemming from different backgrounds, these creatives, makers, entrepreneurs, and innovators represent┬áDC’s vibrant business sectors.

Each ambassador brings a unique perspective on DC life and we’re proud to have the represent #WeDC.

Monica Kang

Harry Alford III

Janice Omadeke

Kelly Towles

Chris Bradshaw

Amy Millman

Evan Burfield

Johnny Austin

Jeff Sheely

Merav Yuravlivker

Ebony Pope

Maggie O'Neill

Zak Kidd

Chris Naoum

G. Nagesh Rao

Tara Lewis

Aaron Saunders

Jen Mellon

Robert Kinsler

Ian Fay

Svetlana Legetic

Xina Eiland

Kate Warren


Kathryn Zaremba

Marcus K. Dowling